Return Poem by Saeed Jan


My heart is sinking with the sinking sun
All the creature returning home they run
The pricking silence, the prevailing dark
A lonely soul, with wakeful eyes it mark

The bells of the dying day cruelly calling
My end coming closer and closer falling
I'm leaving behind what sending forth
I have to face the Lord of sky and earth

Oh Lord! A wretched soul, bleeding cry
Asking forgiveness with a mournful sigh

Unwritten Soul 23 October 2012

Someday we will return, one day we should go...back to Creators...and we may feel that whole heart is too small to receive His big in content and nice, we sure about the time, but to live as we now we must never give up and do the best, try hard! ........Again One day, someday we will..and time bringing us to it_Soul

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Akanksha Bhatt 22 October 2012

very nice poem! abd beautifully penned by you! i really liked it very much! thanks for the share! :)

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Asif Andalib 21 October 2012

Death thought makes us pious. Lovely write.

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Catherine Kennedy 09 June 2015

The nature of literary art- poetry is that the bard, if done expertly, leaves His work open to various interpretations... Different eyes.. Different vision Totally different but unique and perfectly viable&credited totally Personal understanding- critique.. Personally I didn't come away with the death imagery.. However taking fellow peers perspective of the bards work on board strengthens belief that every man(woman) Understanding is unique&true to themselves Your words are like a stick stirring embers in a stove.. Emotions than flames Inspirational

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Shahzia Batool 04 November 2012

The fortunate moment is that of realization, or some revelation from the inside...Russell emphasizes upon the value of solitude that gives man a chance to stay face to face with his own self...

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Eindaray Kyaw 26 October 2012

it is worth to realise that we should prepare to face that situation....Great!

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Unwritten Soul 25 October 2012

Correction of my words on my comment..I should say back to Creator instead of creator...I Return to fix my comment LOL_Soul

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 24 October 2012

A remarkable thoughtprovokin soulful poem! Gr8 job.

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