Saeed Jan Poems

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Gospel Of Love

What I see around is the real face
I don't believe what scriptures say
What religion is, just demarcation
To make sects and divide human

A Divine Thought

Thou with fiery brilliant charm
Will One day softly pass in calm
Like the embers burn and blow
Leaving ash and lose the glow


My heart is sinking with the sinking sun
All the creature returning home they run
The pricking silence, the prevailing dark
A lonely soul, with wakeful eyes it mark

My Heart Bleeds

My heart bleeds, my heart bleeds,
I wish to have you back my love,
To get all that we had once,
The warmth of your breath,


What if someone is dying for someone,
What if someone cares and other ignores,
What if someone trusts while other doubts
What if someone shares while other hides,

Lost Angel

An angel sent to earth,
with charms heavenly,
Fed on honey and milk,
All the thoughts divine,

Whom Should I Blame! !

All my craving, all my love,
Is like a cloudy sky,
Failing to bring rain,
I know my love U want me too,

The Moon

In the dark night, from my chamber,
Through a broken window,
I look at the moon in the sky,
Seeming to be, as if calling me,

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