My Heart Bleeds Poem by Saeed Jan

My Heart Bleeds

Rating: 5.0

My heart bleeds, my heart bleeds,
I wish to have you back my love,
To get all that we had once,
The warmth of your breath,
The touch of your lips,
Tasting of ambrosia and manna dew,
Whenever I failed to act,
you were my support,
Because of you my strength was of two,
You left me here my love,
Amidst wild and cruel ways of life,
Every person seems to be as if my enemy,
I need you back, I need you back,
Let's have those joys again
Let's be united again,
Give my body vivacity,
Freshness like blood,
Come back to me, come back to me,
Without You!
My heart bleeds, my heart bleeds

Dedicated to someone special... goddess
Unwritten Soul 02 November 2012

So heartfelt, i hope someone you wrote this for, reading this and have truly really touching even in smallest way, because sincere is the essence and you have it in your poem..a dark but lovely poem Saeed! _Soul

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 29 October 2012

a sad poem, but the poet tries to express his inner thought by choosing the right words to make it enjoyable!

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Roong S 28 October 2012

Hmmmm...this is so sad! !

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Jahan Zeb 27 October 2012

A poem from the heart. From the heart of a lover. A lover who wants his beloved back. a beloved that was and is his life. Life that he loved the most. Love that was like the taste of ambrosia and manna dew, the taste that he still feels and the feelings that are forcing the poet to request or rather plead to his beloved to come back. Very emotional.

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Anita Sehgal 27 October 2012

touching and sorrowful.... well expressed

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