Lost In The 50's Poem by Jean Dament

Lost In The 50's

Rating: 5.0

As a child in the 50's I remember a time;
When lots could be bought for simply a dime,
Chips, pop, milk & comic books;
And sometimes a nickel was all it took,
Even with 1 or 2 cents,
We could buy bags of licorice, black balls & gum...that's all we spent,
At the local corner store we were known by our first name;
Where personalized service was the name of the game,
They'd offer our parents cash-credit with a smile;
And trusted them to pay it back in a short while,
You could buy fresh slices of cold meat;
And ice cream was wrapped in paper rolls all so! neat.

Back in the 50's dads went to work away from home;
While moms stayed home...sometimes alone,
Eggs, milk, ice, & coal were delivered right to your door;
And even all your groceries....you couldn't ask for more,
The mailman knew me well;
And I thought he too was swell,
We would follow the milkman around with his horse drawn cart,
But our parents weren't sure that was very smart,
Big blocks of ice would be delivered to one's door too;
While we begged the iceman on hot summer days for chunks, before he was through,
These were fun times that we lived in back then;
And now my memories often go back to.... when.

April 1/11

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