Lost Love Poem by jodi right

Lost Love

Rating: 4.8

You’ve been my friend for many years
My heart and yours connected
So willingly, so lovingly you gave in
Your hearts eager for love, for my love
I touch your soft skin, you tremble
I look into your eyes they glisten
Lost love dwindles near, so near
Those passionate smiles arise
Your mouth speaks lost words
Words so precious, sound can’t interfere

You were my guide, my friend, my lover
When cold enclosed my heart, you added warmth
Once my eyes shed tears, you fought them
With wise words and new beginnings
You supported me, you lifted my spirits
Releasing my dreams, I knew it was love.
I knew it was meant to be, me an you forever.

Short time love, fate had proven restless
My heart became hollow, lovers gate had closed
Once open, now trapped with fear
Mixed in feelings, false feelings, it ran
It ran from your touch
That touch our bodies yearned for, lived for
Lusts fire still burned, so powerful
That our eyes knew the answer
It wasn’t over

My failure to your love burdens the soul
Soul mates parted by fear of life, by fear of self
I want you now but you fear, fear I’ll hurt you
I am scared too; scared I’ll hurt you
Your heart is precious, too precious for keeps
Friendship hangs on, proving difficult at times
Our closeness so intimate, so heartbreaking
To be so close and unable to have the slightest touch
When you used to touch me I fell, fell into lover's hands
The soul's keeper held me firm, I miss that, and I miss you.

We can’t be, this love is beyond making
Our minds are connected in friendship
Love tries to intervene but it isn’t’ the time
Still childish I wait for a teacher
A teacher to teach me the prospects of love
I want you but I can’t have you
Your mean so much to me
Our eyes still linger on what was the past
Rejoicing that moment, never to have it again.
Never to have that lost love we once had

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