A Plead For Rescue Poem by jodi right

A Plead For Rescue

Rating: 3.8

Behind the secure locked doors
Behind the thick steeled windows
Behind the high enclosed fences
Stood a girl- lost
Lost from her family
Lost from her life
A stranger to this place
An innocent to this place

Embodied tombs lay locked
Keeping you in,
like a wild encaged animal
Mocking voices embedded those
sturdy walls enclosing every night
with fears and haunts of lost souls
Those souls that vanished into the
merciless void of death

They came each day
white coats stalking corridors
like specks of snow
Just as cold, just as hurtful
their eyes cursing your every move
even sleep couldn’t keep you at rest
for those eyes still haunted
those longing dreams of happiness

Happiness this girl once felt
Lovingness this girl once had
This place had no love
the only love here;
was the love for brutality,
the love for horrors
circling the minds of
these hopeless people
Looking at these people
Was like looking into
fields of nothingness

A rescue was needed
and needed quickly

This girl stood alone clutching on
to the only life she had
a picture of smiling faces
smiling faces so unknown to this place
So unwelcome to this place
A picture full of harmony
full of love enwrapped with
radiance and beauty
A beauty banished from here
Cause beauty scared them
Haunted them
detest of such things
ruled this place

Threatening acts this girl committed
She shared her little life
She shared those smiling faces
Lost hope was beginning to appear
Sunshine was creeping in slowly
Light was conquering dark
Was this our rescue,
This little girl with this picture?
This picture
Of love, of beauty, of things forgotten
Was she our savour?

This place began to crumble
Crumbling fears reeked everywhere
Releasing this hellish worry
Worry of lost hope
Worry of lost love
People had smiled again
People had experienced
true happiness

The picture lay there
Facing upwards
Those smiling faces
Still there
Protecting these people
Showing them there was
Nothing to fear
Showing them a Family
A family
they all thought the’d lost
Life’s family
a love for one another
Had saved us all

The rescue was nether this girl
Nor this picture
It was they
Who had saved themselves

Brian Routh 19 December 2005

just how it is. the fear of love and beauty. such feeling and power.

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Nasra Al Adawi 20 April 2005

Very powerful poem....I wonder what inspired you to write it or what is the story behind it

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Linda Preston 08 April 2005

paints a chilling picture

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