Love And Hate Poem by Suresh Kumar EK

Love And Hate

Rating: 5.0

When you are in true love
Your eyes radiate the power of love
You will see all the world with love
You can feel the bliss of passionate love
Your face will be brighter than the full moon
Your eyes will be seen reflecting innocence soon.

When you are hating somebody
Everything becomes topsy turvy
You are no more a model to envy
Wrinkles on your face make you ugly
All the darkness is poured into your eyes
Your feelings and senses slowly change into ice.

Zuzu Mutairi 09 October 2020

Very well defined, love is fantastic.5**

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Paul T P Burne 10 October 2020

Well yes we should all love

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Sk Nambiar 26 October 2020

Poem rises to the level of prophecy

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Prasana Mp 25 October 2020

two extremes love and hate artistically penned

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Yiyan Han 23 October 2020

Nicely done - Love is beauty and hate is ugly.5+

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Akhtar Jawad 22 October 2020

Hate results in further hate and love conquers love. A beautiful poem.

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Prasana Mp 20 October 2020

A classical poem REALLY GREAT

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