Love And Humor Poem by Jim Yerman

Love And Humor

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How do we explain love…should we even try?
It's a complicated intermingling of our hearts our brains…our eyes…

I suppose the best definition…when all is said and done
is that love is a universal feeling that's universally different for everyone.

Which reminds me of my first year of teaching…over 40 years ago
I wanted two teach my Autistic students about humor…I wanted to help them grow.

I thought, ‘who better to teach them? '…after all I am a funny guy.
They would be learning from the master…how the principles of humor apply.

On an easel in front of me was a comic strip from the newspaper…
In front of each student was the same.
My goal was to explain the humor…while going frame to frame.

It seems humor when explained this way is not an easy concept to see…
In the investigation…in the analysis…It loses it's spontaneity

Not one chuckled…no one laughed…
my students had no sense of humor as far as I could tell
that is until they erupted with laughter…when I tripped on the easel…and fell.

My students showed no comprehension of humor…
not even the littlest giggle sound
Until they heard my high pitched scream…and I was face down on the ground…

There are two possibilities why this experiment failed:
The first…perhaps humor cannot be taught
The second, and my money's on the first one here,
I'm not as funny as I thought.

Or perhaps there are some things in life we're not meant to fully understand
That are designed to make us wonder…to be mysterious…and grand

Which brings me back to explaining love…
Perhaps the best explanation of all
Is that love is a lot like humor
And the best way to experience it…
is when you fall.

Thursday, October 24, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: humor,love
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