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! Love And Poetry; Poetry And Love

Rating: 2.8

and right now, I’m spending most of my time
on the two matters of which I seem to know the least –
love; and poetry.

maybe it’s good I feel like this; after all,
they’re two pretty big things in their way;
and if it’s frustrating that
I don’t seem to get anywhere,
or understand any more,
maybe that’s good too since

it keeps me at it
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Bob Blackwell 18 January 2009

Michael, I enjoyed this reflective writing on love and poetry, which really is I guess about your deep love of poetry. You took me along for the ride with the rythmn of your thoughts, I enjoyed the journey, it had the same effect on me, as my evening dose of filtered fine coffee, listening to some favourite classical music. I felt relaxed. Thank you for the meditation. I have taken it with me to read again. Regards Bob

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Fay Slimm 25 August 2008

What a walk we have been on along with you here Michael, into the land of poesy, then swept into the kingdom of love. Oh I adore being reminded that our very nature is one of love both for self and other. We need this reminder at least once a day. Keep up your 'walks' - we love to accompany you Michael.

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Daniel Tyler 10 December 2006

A cunning pastiche, Michael. Hah hah

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Tailor Bell 10 December 2006

refreshing open verse, Michael. enjoyable read and effective end comment. -Tailor

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