A Dependency Worse Than Alcohol Poem by Ebone' Ingram

A Dependency Worse Than Alcohol

Rating: 2.9

I know it's there.
I can't truly feel it now, but
only because it's sleeping in
a pit in my soul...
and when it wakes up
it will never cease to vex me;
whispering in my ear
that only it loves me,
that I need no one else,
that it will kiss me with misery
and hold me in arms of stone.
It stirs, and the biting
mausoleum chill is more than I
can take. But I have realized
that breaking free will cost me
dearly; because maybe it's fate;
and perhaps I do need
this spiral of silent agony and
just as silent tears...they let me
know that I'm still alive;
pain is my only true vital sign;
it's the only thing I can feel anymore.
I don't want to feel it...but
I have to.

Brian Jani 26 May 2014

Ebone well done hey

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Uriah Hamilton 28 November 2006

I like the honest of the feeling and many of the images, the father time ending may not have been needed but I feel the poem, I've often considered loneliness my mistress. Uriah

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Dee Daffodil 13 October 2006

Hi Eni! ! Terrific poem...show the power of pain, and yes, I think it can become an addiction. I just hope that it hasn't really, for you... Hugs, Dee

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Lee Degnan 12 October 2006

I don't have a better name for you, but this one seems to work just fine! Enjoyed it, thank you!

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Ebone' Ingram 12 October 2006

hello, it's the writer...the title may be offensive to some, but it's just how i feel. and if you have a better title, feel free to post your ideas under 'Comments.' eni da kid

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