Love Apple Poem by Subrat Pradhan

Love Apple

The apple was yet to be red
Yet some tasted it
It tasted sour to some
And mixed to some
There were so many
Waiting for the apple
To be red.
When the apple turned red
Some tried it
Some joined in a hurry
Some in light some in darkness
Never the less
The apple grew bigger and bigger
And turned red and more red
Day by day
People increased in number
Eating, tasting
Coming and going
Making their own judgements
Once for all.
They kept on going down the hill
For all time to come.

Saurabh Saxena 30 July 2012

great poem..several deep hidden u said Making their own judgements...this line holds true for this poem also...each will make his own judgement..none better than the rest!

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Captain Cur 30 July 2012

Good example of positive reenforcement using the deeper shade of love as an analogy of how we perceive and share love.

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Payal Parande 28 July 2012

i must say you are really brilliant such a great analogy i am no expert but i think its really beautiful The apple grew bigger and bigger that is love grow bigger and bigger with each moment i loved it i really envy you sir hope to read more of you art thank you for sharing it, payal

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Vipins Puthooran 28 July 2012

'tis a very good poem! ! ! ! well-written! ! !

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