Love, Full Of Life Poem by Subrat Pradhan

Love, Full Of Life

The world is full
Full of love.
People die without love
Who shares he gets
Some knows, some don't
Some learns, some don't
Sharing means a little caring
One who gives, gets more
No one should be a miser then
Some learns, some don't

There is so much love here
Why people die
Love is abundant
Pluck it
Open your heart
Decorate every nook and corner
Wait till someone's presence
The walls will be decorated
The room will be lighted
All around will be filled with
Flowers colourful and aromatic
Believe in yourself
Don't believe that you are ugly
You are beautiful than a moon we have
You are colourful than our flower
Have patience
You have a heart that throbs
That is all one needs
That is why you are the most beautiful one
live with life abundant
Listen to thy sound of steps
Someone is coming slowly
Yes, someone is coming
Now you will have a life full of love.

Rick Elpers 17 September 2012

I like this. It just speaks to my heart and path that I walk. And can say, you are speaking the truth. This poem brings hope to anyone searching for love. Great write.

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Priya Arora 08 August 2012

A very optimistic thought that's depicted in your poem.

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Desert Life 21 July 2012

Nice and optimistic....good write! Yes, there is beautiful song in the air...float and fly!

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