Love, Mute Poem by Subrat Pradhan

Love, Mute

With the thumping heart
I was approaching
The village down the hill
With its density colour.

As I furthered a little mor
All competed with each other
To tell me a thing
The birds sang of her
The dried leaves told of her
The fragrance of flowers told of her
The cuckoo spoke of her
The river gurgling told of her
The white clouds spoke her
The cows the forest told of her
The lambs told of her
The children spoke of her

When I met her
The tried to measure what I had heard
The beauty, the gesture, the gait
The poetry, the look and the grace
Bewitched I tried to speak
But I could not
I thought you would say something
But you did not
I think, you could not
While I was returning
Everybody spoke of her
That everything she had
But she could not......

Anita Sehgal 02 October 2012

very well expressed... lovely.. which say a lot..

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Captain Cur 03 August 2012

Excellent title and the poem flowed effortlessly towards the titles sad silent conclusion. Beautifully written.

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Vijayalakshmi Manien 21 July 2012

nice i like yours, good

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