Subrat Pradhan Poems

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Love, Unseen

Mother feeds her baby with her milk
Soldier gives away his life for his countrymen
Father earns money for his family
Flower is plucked to be offered to God

Love And Desire

I have never told-
You were no dear to me
When you are with me
and you not near me.

Love, The Dive In And Out

Falling in love
Is like diving into water
With a splash.

Love Me Not

Love me not
When so many fanatics are all around
When so many stars fall on ground
When nature is invaded

Love Apple

The apple was yet to be red
Yet some tasted it
It tasted sour to some
And mixed to some

Love: When I Touch You (Radha-43)

Every time whenever I had touched you
Was different and not alike
Newness with each time and so different.
There was not a single root of hair

Love: The Invincible One (Radha-46)

Making myself understand was so difficult
Had I known it
While measuring my distance
From myself

Love: The Throne Of The Heart (Radha-47)

When you ascend the throne of my heart
And reign
Penetrating me
I wish you to remain

Love: Rumination (Radha-4)

A heavy sigh is brewing inside me
I have no interest to know it.
How can I make you understand

Love, Full Of Life

The world is full
Full of love.
People die without love
Who shares he gets

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