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1. Love: I Long For You (Radha-1) 7/7/2012
2. Love: Attaining Youth (Radha-2) 7/8/2012
3. Love: The Day I Saw You (Radha-3) 7/8/2012
4. Love: Give Me All Your Sufferings (Radha-10) 7/11/2012
5. Love: Simply To Touch You A Little (Radha-11) 7/12/2012
6. Love Is Not Easy (Radha-12) 7/12/2012
7. Love: Mind Behind The Body (Radha-15) 7/13/2012
8. Love: Everything Is Within (Radha-16) 7/13/2012
9. Love: Full Submission (Radha-18) 7/13/2012
10. Love: A Wish Long Cherished (Radha-19) 7/13/2012
11. Love: Through The Door Of Life And Death. (Radha-20) 7/14/2012
12. Love: Truth Is Eternal(Radha-21) 7/14/2012
13. Love: In Searh Of Footprints Of Love (Radha-24) 7/14/2012
14. Love: My Fate (Radha-25) 7/14/2012
15. Love: Loverboy As I Am, So Helpless (Radha-26) 7/14/2012
16. Love: The Fanatics Behind (Radha-28) 7/14/2012
17. Love: My Dissection (Radha-29) 7/14/2012
18. Love Me 7/15/2012
19. Love: What Is There To Be Mere Physical? (Radha-14) 7/16/2012
20. Love: The Permutation And Combination Of Love The Union (Radha-22) 7/19/2012
21. Love Hurt 7/26/2012
22. Love: Are You Coming Really? 7/30/2012
23. Love Of An Ordinary Man 7/30/2012
24. Love So Humanly (Radha-31) 8/1/2012
25. Love: The Game Of Love (Radha-30) 8/1/2012
26. Love: Lost In Love (Radha-9) 8/3/2012
27. Love: And You Left Me (Radha-5) 8/3/2012
28. Love: The Sigh Unknown 8/3/2012
29. Love: Without You (Radha-6) 8/3/2012
30. Love: Who Can Stop You? (Radha-33) 8/6/2012
31. Love: To Be With You (Radha-32) 8/6/2012
32. Love: Will He Come Back? (Radha-34) 8/6/2012
33. Love: The History (Radha-35) 8/8/2012
34. Love: The Path (Radha-36) 8/8/2012
35. Love: You And Me (Radha-37) 8/12/2012
36. Love: Shamelessness (Radha-38) 8/12/2012
37. Love: Retracing Back (Radha-39) 8/13/2012
38. Love: The Promise (Radha-40) 8/13/2012
39. Love: The Paths Across Me (Radha-41) 8/15/2012
40. Love: The Death Of My Body (Radha-42) 8/15/2012

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Love, The Dive In And Out

Falling in love
Is like diving into water
With a splash.

To be in love
Is like to be
In water and inside water
swimming, sporting, playing
Frolicking, floating
With air and without water
To be with the outer world
To be without the outer world.

To be out of love
Is coming out of water
The deeper, one in love
The more time is consumed to come out
The more time is consumed to dry oneself
Getting out of love
Is not coming out to senses
Time has different unseen path
To traverse back
For each lover in love.

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Love Cool

As I am
As the Moon
I love moon
Moon is too romantic
Lasses, inspired get into love
The white love rays
falling on the girls' minds
make them full with passion

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