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! ! Love As Self: Self As Love

Rating: 3.2

We do not have to seek for love
nor fear it ever go:
but simply, rest within ourself;
then, love perforce must flow:

for who’s the sweetest company,
as parent, sister, brother?
Those restful ones, always themself;
as one who knows no other..

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Scarlett Treat 25 October 2008

Michael, it is a toss-up for me, to know just which is worthy of comment-the beauty of the poem that you wrote (and the feelings that you must have felt at the singing, to share it with us?) , or the hysterically funny/sad request of LINDA MEHI that I read below. It is funny because of the stupidity of the request..and sad that someone, somewhere in this sad old world of ours, may fall for this kind of con, and that there are people in the world who think we are so stupid that we WILL fall for it. WHAT A CONTRAST OF WORLDS THIS ENTIRE THING IS! !

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Tai Chi Italy 25 October 2008

I think Linda is looking for a partner Michael! lol Ignoring the millions on offer, I would like to say, you are so right re love, we just have to be and love comes naturally....I bet that performance was a sight to behold! smiling at you from sunny cornwall, Tai

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