*love In The Time Of Cholera Poem by Reshma Ramesh

*love In The Time Of Cholera

Rating: 2.6

Love they said looks like Gucci
Feels like carbon, breathes like a cotton candy
Stings like cocaine, breaks like silence
Hunts like power, soothes like caffeine,
Yet love, he said, love me not
At least not now, never, maybe then
In decaying time like this
With wilting crystals, pneumonic silk,
Ambushed night and gangrenous stars,
Speak not of love, speak not of fondness
Like we did yesterday, when the night was white
And love felt like my own,
Even the roses were the colours we chose
Like a sepia maybe.
Hush! Hush! Morbid ruins of my love
Sing not your love song for
Love in the time of cholera
Is destined to die a painful death
Laid in coffins like poems,
To be buried in books as graves
And yet love, just this once
Like the putrid remnants
Wrap me in your shadows
Let me suckle on your breast
Love in your demise
Please just let me be you...........

Larry Stevens 23 December 2009

If you want to be you be you If you want to be me, be me it is in the wanting perhaps? Cheers

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Sadiqullah Khan 22 December 2009

Love under a Street Light Guided hands from black Haloes will become areolas Hanging to flesh Carbon moussse cake Chocolate color of lips Struggling to open the mouth Of golden bottle with keys Suggestion was to pierce Like dead flesh on charcoal Between the legs hidden Odor like roasted peanuts After my fingers Without a handwash Love under a street light On a busy way At midnight Neither were stars putrid Nor her bones Her horrified looks Wandering Whether heat can be So contagious Whether nails can be So biting Whether cannibals eat Raw flesh so voraciously 22/12/2009

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Rakesh Bedi 21 December 2009

flawless poem, reshma....................

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Reshma Ramesh

Reshma Ramesh

Bangalore, India
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