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Love Is Effortless, Meditation Is Spontaneous

Rating: 4.6

You are not a person, my dear
You are a Presence, present Everywhere.
Little dusts can blur my vision, or I may close my eyes, (but) -
Light never changes it's place.
Effort is needed to feel the space around us.
My searching becomes an obstacle.
Then I stop, and drop everything, and surrender.
You are not an outsider....
You are in me as me~
You and me-no separation.

Every particle of my body, my mind, my soul- -is yours.
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Love Is Effortless, Meditation Is Spontaneous
Tuesday, January 29, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life
Love can not be expressed totally or hidden totally..often we try to express
Love and Gratefulness through our silent Worship and Prayer..this is not a poetry,
only a few words, a foolish effort to
explain the Unexplainable Love that I always feel for Him....
My Divine Root, My Celestial Shelter, My Adam, My Master, My God....
Prabir Gayen 29 January 2019

Very powerful poem with extraordinary feeling......love with surrender...God bless you..

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Harindhar Reddy 28 May 2020

Here I can see the expression of deep love differently. The poem may be on god or lover whomsoever it may be but It has the depth of ocean.... 10 + rated

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Hans Vr 20 July 2019

Wonderfully written. a source of inspiration to become more spiritual.

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Srijita Mondal 20 July 2019

Thank you ??

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Chinedu Dike 07 June 2019

Beautiful rendition of words from the heart. A lovely piece of poetry elegantly brought forth with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

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Srijita Mondal 15 June 2019

Thank you for support and encouragement ??

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Dr Antony Theodore 02 June 2019

You are a Presence, present Everywhere. You are in me. i always noted that you are mystical. you prove it again in this poem dear poetess. God bless you. tony

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Srijita Mondal 02 June 2019

Thank you for such a beautiful comment??

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Julia Luber 29 May 2019

A sense of Biblical majesty, simplicity and familiarity- with modern believability.

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Srijita Mondal 29 May 2019

Thaaank you ??

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