Love Lost Poem by Elisha De La Rosa

Love Lost

Rating: 5.0

Seeking in my chest
Things that will always be in my memories
Things that I love and lost
Yet I have forgotten to feel it

Seeking to find the emotions that I gave away
That I have no longer have in my veins
What do I have to do with this pain?
Knowing that good emotions I used to have
Are replaced by plain expressions, and sadness

Yet, I know other poeple's pain
Their sadness drives me insane
Yet, when I seek those happy thoughts
They break away
When I see the sad look on your face

I can tell you, you been through love lost
Seeking to find someone, yet no one will come
Both of us are alone
Why our good feelings are stoned?

Everything I gave you was happy
Yet I still have pain
Anything you did for me
I should thank

Love lost the path we have in our hearts
Both trying to seek happiness in our lives
Knowing that I gave you everything
I'll be empty of feelings

If we seperate
We both will remain in the path of love lost
My memory with you was fun
It shall never be given away
You leave knowing I will be alone
Why can't you just stay?
For I will remain in love lost


Samuel Popeil 21 April 2010

Can really relate. Sometimes, the person that ended a relationship don't care about what happends after it ends.

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Eyan Desir 02 April 2010

Well express poem good write

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