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What is the color
Of your Eyes?
I don't know.

Dreadful loneliness
Uprights mind
Painfully indeed.

Backwaters whispered in my ears
A song of lust, love and lustrous
Palm leaves repeated the lines
To exchange a gift for my Princess

Life is a journey
In a small boat
Through the ocean
To fetch a green shore

Dream flowers
And islands
Unseen land
And oceans

Wipe my tears
With your words
And keep writing
To console my mind!

Oh! Thee
Your mercy
Your soft touch
Is incredible always.


Grapes of wrath are sore
When your mind filled by envy
Jealousy makes your mind poisonous
And darkness covers your soul.

Oh! My sweet baby, come
Come and lay on my lap
Close your leaking eyes
And sleep, sleep well on my lap.

Remember the moments we shared
Stories we retold
Poems we recited together
Were of friendly in nature

Hundred thousand reasons
To trust a friend
And hold his left hand
With love and affection.

Shadow behind the door
Moved towards the fogged window
Leaving image of royal robe
Tug slowly in rusted chains.

poets all over the world
love this day of letters
the letters they play with freedom
to unite together in tranquility.


Ah! Ah! Ah! Sound reflected around
In the deep dense forest

Eyes brightens
Blood flows
Heavily through the veins
Means you are in love.

Songs, create waves
Waves of the song brings me
The pain of summer nights
And darkness deepens

Wave less was my mind
Sound less was my sleep
Stone less was my courtyard
And bond less was my life


Images shade in the moonlight
Melting grief and agony in delight
Remembering the anguish words
Came from the lilies leaves

Leaves of bamboo
Pinned together
She made her nest
To live together


Timely help
When and where it is needed
Help where and when it is needed.

The Best Poem Of sekharan pookkat

Color Of Your Eyes

What is the color
Of your Eyes?
I don't know.

But I can see
The waves of your love
Reflected in your eyes
Through the world of poems...

What is the color
Of your heart?
I don't know.

But I can feel
The beats of your heart
Dissolves in your blood
Through the symphony of love

What is the color
Of your life?
I don't know.

But I can say
The waves, beats and dreams
Ups and downs
Passed away from me
In the world of love
To uphold life
For whom
I loved very much

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 01 August 2012

You are positive about life, just keep writing. Keep your mind on beauty and harmony and your life will turn into that.

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Prabir Gayen 25 February 2019

Sekharan Pokkat is a very talented poet...sensitive and thoughtful...romantic BG nature and realistic at heart...I love his poem...God bless.

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Bharati Nayak 17 December 2018

Sekharan Pookkat from Thrisoor, India is a great poet.His poems are easy flowing, beautiful and are with a bit of intrigue.He writes on variety of topics, but his love poems are his forte. He is my first Poem Hunter friend and I am very much obliged to him for his encourangement in my poetic journey. Thank you so much Sekharan Pookkat for your support.Wish you a Very Happy New Year-2019, full of more poetry and good health.

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V.m.saraswathy Munuswamy 02 April 2016

Lucid, vivid, poetic expressions you have, truly optimistic and honestly practical, thanks poet

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Kewayne Wadley 18 April 2015

Your poems are wrote with a flare of intrigue. Very passionate and full of truth. Keep that pen moving, can't wait to see the direction your soul takes you next

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Susan Lacovara 04 October 2013

I enjoyed your poem Say Not...well expressed. Your wish for peace is much like that of my own.I invite you to read more my work. Thank you for your previous comment. I welcome new friends, and in closing, I always look to extend an offer of PEACE

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sekharan pookkat Quotes

Love life and live together with love

Better morrow is a hope that life stands for the strong base of love

Reset your vision and enjoy the loveliness of nature

Love comes in real life silently and slowly

Love is divine and protected from all evils

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sekharan pookkat Popularity

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