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Love Me, Love Me, You Just Love Me

Love me, love me, you just love me,
Love me, love me, you just love me,
You love me,
Just love me,
Love me.

You love me, love, I shall love you, love you,
It is love for which you are,
It is love for which I am,
Love you, love you,

Love me, love me you,
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: art
Tajudeen Shah 19 October 2014

if she is still singing with the promises you made, in her mind, and even if she says that she loves you, and love her alone, the love you feel love from your love is not love of a love to a loving lover, who knows nothing but to love his love to the core of love, forgetting even his promises. unconditional love is what we poets are supposed to promote today, as love is getting trapped up in material bonds, strangled and strangulated at times, ahaha. let us all sing the song of love to promote pure love, dear love. rgds.

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