Mad Maggie Poem by John Mccudden

Mad Maggie

Rating: 5.0

Mad Maggie she has lost her head
People saying she would be better off dead
Can’t they look behind her face?
Maggie just one of the human race
Maggie go go go

Crazy things that she does
Don’t make sense to any of us
She must be mad well perhaps
No one knows her mind is trapped
Maggie go go go

Wash the bins in the streets
Maggie keeps things real neat
Big boots on her feet
Maggie walks every street
Maggie go go go

Maggie walking in the rain
Must be out of her brain
Maggie has no friends
On handouts she depends
Maggie go go go

Builds her cans real high
Pushing her trolley she walks by
Cans for scrap to be sold
Mad Maggie she’s not that old
Maggie go go go

Maggie likes to be alone
Been like that for so long
Maggie never had a home
As a child she was on her own
Maggie go go go

Live in care no one came
Maggie changed her name
They say no ones to blame
Each day just seems the same
Mad Maggie out of her brain
Maggie go go go

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 07 March 2009

You have made Maggie the symbol of bitter reality of life. East or West, I can see Maggie everywhere, in every street, around every heap of scrap. A very successful poem, John. It simply deserves 10/10. Regards Naseer

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