Move On Poem by John Mccudden

Move On

Rating: 5.0

Since you left me
It’s been raining for so long
Why don’t you tell me?
What did I do wrong?
Since you left I have had to be strong
I hate the rain it’s been going on far too long

No sunshine only rain
No mater what you do
I will be strong again
I just don’t like walking in the rain
Was it something I did wrong
Or are you still playing your mind games?

Now there is sunshine coming through the rain
I will be strong be a man again
I don’t like walking in the rain
So where is the sunshine?
I want to find it again

Walking in the rain I stopped and thought
Be strong get a life again
Love the sunshine hate the rain
Don’t want to go out there again

What will I do now
Just be part of the crowd
No that is not for me
I will be strong you wait and see
a stronger man thats what i will be

Miriam Maia Padua 13 February 2009

a very inspiring piece....words shared are very touching... optimistic towards pain of love...... i love the lines from the title down to the end a great piece for anybody declining to move on...

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Fiona Davidson 09 February 2009

Beautiful write with hope running through it John thank you for sharing it...Fi 10+

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Jim Norausky 09 February 2009

I really like the way you weave sunshine and rain with your broken relationship and apparent hope for reconciliation. Well done. Jim

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