Josh Burnett

Rookie (Feburary 12 1987 / Germany)

Made You Love - Poem by Josh Burnett

Let me hear you take a breath and softly whisper your name in my ear.
Let me hear you tell me everything that you hold dear.
Let me take that look in your eyes and lock it away in my heart.
I promise to you that no matter how hard we hurt our love will never be torn apart.
I know that everyone starts off with roses are red and violets are blue.
But there’s only one thing I can say and that is nothing can compare to you.
You look so cute standing there looking at me, take my word it’s true.
They say that diamonds twinkle bright but it’s all a lie,
Because nothing’s as bright as the love twinkling in your eye.
They say that money can buy anything that you want.
But I know your love could never be bought.
And when I look into your eyes it’s like a winter mystery.
And my mind keeps believing as my heart keeps beating.
I never want to shy away from your affection.
I’ll keep you wrapped in my arms and shelter you with my protection.
You won’t ever have to feel all the hurt inside.
I’ll dry your blue eyes and you won’t ever have a reason to cry.
I am the one that could give you the reason why.
To start loving once again and feel all the emotions deep inside.
I’ll warm up your heart and show you that love can be a wonderful emotion.
That the feeling love could reach further down into your heart than any ocean.
I’ll never leave you out there in the cold feeling all alone.
If only you open up your heart and I’ll show you what love really can be.

All I want to do is embrace you in my arms and hold you so tight.
I barely touch your arm and I get such a sensation with you at my side.
I hope that you feel the same as I feel, because if you didn’t it would be fake.
And all the loving emotions that I show would all fade away,
And you wouldn’t even remember my name no matter how hard you tried.
So please girl don’t you dare cry because you know my heart and how much I love you.
I’ll show you everything that you have been missing in your life time.

The moon dances across the sky as we take a stroll outside.
I look to you and only admire your beauty in the moonlight.
I look at you staring with admiration as I grab your hand.
Your eyes grow wider as you finally begin to understand.
I watch your lips as it creases into a smile,
And you look at me for the longest while.
Hypnotized by the look in my eyes you can tell that it’s not a lie.
We both walk on the finest line, so we have to make it work out alright.
Don’t worry about anything I alone can make it feel all fine.

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