Madness! Poem by kipper Stagg


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She sat all knowing, all seeing. Listening as she had done a thousand times before
to the ramblings of life's fool as he told her how he'd crashed hard upon Life's concrete floor.

Confident she could persuade his doubting brow to take a different direction,
she had realised her mistake much later, upon more deeper reflection.

From the onset she had attempted to grasp the rudder of his mind and steer him from impending Disaster
Alas life's rapids had her beat, this was one task she could not Master.

Life had been a hard teacher to him, uneducated, but with an all seeing minds eye.
Able to read life's body language with deathly accuracy, and an unmatched instinct to pick out a lie.

However! He had his own 'Sword of Damocles' hovering over his head by a frayed silken thread,
and waited in horror for it to break and strike him down dead.

He thought he had a great respect for her, her life knowledge came out with the stumbling blocks she would expertly put in his way.
But nimble footed, and drawing on lives lost lessons the fool skip and leaped his way around them and she knew that his mind she could not sway.

She had tried to explain that not everyone was a black hearted scoundrel hell bent on Deception.
And that sometimes we must learn to trust, and question the darker motives of our perception.

But alas, she could not feel the heavy sorrow he carried within his old worn out heart, she did not see what we do to one another.
All the suffering, all the pain, the selfishness and greed, the self indulgence at the cost of others,
even though we are all Sisters and Brothers

He wished everyone would just for a moment in their own warped lives open their eyes.
And see what we are doing to each other, and banish all the lies.

But all things must come to an end, and the Six hours he was allotted are all past now, Freud and Jung had failed to deliver a more healthy and normal brain.
Whilst his cost to the Surgery Budget had been such a terrible drain!

Doctors Surgeries within the UK tend to concentrate more on Budgets than people these days
And tend to go through the motions of helping mend broken lives more than
Actually helping the sick!
Elena Sandu 20 April 2010

Great poem! Takes me out of my confortable box, makes me rich in expressions, variety of feelings, carrying me into your shoes and letting me a wish to flow with the wind of changes..Lovely written,10

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