Madness That Follows Poem by Katherine Graven

Madness That Follows

Rating: 5.0

written for Bud
my father

Tear dropp falling on my cheek
Making so sense to why you made me weep
Depression is deep within my being
Can’t believe what my ears are hearing

Time they say heals all pain
Everyday there is only rain
A giving heart is purposely bruised
Because of the wound that was received by you

Words only cut like a knife
Daggers are thrown in spite
Cutting, slashing through my self-image
Not really knowing yet what’s the damage

Running, walking, crawling away
Not wanting to hear what you have to say
Closing my sight so my eyes can’t see
In actuality of what is being done to me

Years go by and I wonder why
Life’s chances stolen away in a bunch of lies
My Hearts bled out and cold with despair
Leaving feelings of how life’s not fair

Years have plundered my will of wills
My name has been chosen and my fate is sealed
Young I may be, but my body feels a century old
Living in despair from things done to me long ago

Deathbed is waiting for my surrender
Calling me to its bedside like the coldness in winter
Festering weakness has taken total control
For now my life is over and now I must go

I climb into the iciness of deaths bed call
Taking the sheets and covering my head and expecting the fall
Not knowing that I should stop this unconscious madness
Allowing the grim reaper to take away this cursed sadness…


Madness That Follows
My bio Mother put her five little girls into the foster system, she left strict orders to not allow anyone from either side of the family to have anything to do with her daughter. Not even our Dad. So back then they did just as the mother ordered. She did it and then left the state so that no one could find her. Dad prayed every day after that, that he would be able to at least have all his girls with him. and that prayer was answered on his death bed. There were six of us girls and we told Dad that he had to forgive himself. The last word spoken by my dad was Amen and that was when we prayed the sinners prayer over him before he died.
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