Malala Yousafzai Poem by Jahan Zeb

Malala Yousafzai

Rating: 4.7

Extraordinary a child,
born with a heart of love,
for her fellow people and kids,
wanted nothing but peace,
and literacy for woman of her land,
something this land was created for,
A land where Islam will prosper,
where crowd will become a nation,
mother will send kids to school,
boys will play by the pool,
girls will have their dolls,
she wished to have peace on her land
tried it through pen in hand,
shot she was few days ago,
Is this the fate of peace lover? No,
Allah we plead you to give health,
She is for this land a precious wealth.


Malala is a young girl of 14 from Swat Pakistan. The people should not get a wrong picture of us from the incident because if there were few people who shot her there are millions from Pakistan who protested and kept her very dear.
Hazel Durham 22 October 2012

Malala is an amazing girl of tremendous courage, she is a shining light to the world, to stand up for all the girls in Pakistan and their rights to have an education, this poem is a superb tribute to her bravery!

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Sonic 26 September 2019

Good poem for good people like me

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Sonid 23 August 2019

Good Poem Really Oh..... Yeah

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annoymanous 30 April 2020

cicken nugget

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Abduhoo Salamath 21 August 2016

Aameen y arabbbal Aalameen...great poem with dua

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The Reader 05 November 2012

Ameen! i agree with the poet's notes.

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Raihana Abdul Jabbar 03 November 2012

Ameen, Let the innocent girl recover soon. a very touching poem. This incident only proves how rotten some human minds can get. Let us all work together against the terror they create in this world.

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Jahan Zeb

Jahan Zeb

Malakand Pakistan
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