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After that day of our departure,
I gave my soul nothing but torture,
Calling you to memory all the time,
Made my moments the most sublime,

In a garden green we sat
My hand in yours
Yours held I
Roses around

Loved to hear brave Hercules deeds,
Watched Superman for his flying traits,
Dreamed to be Spiderman for human needs,
Ironman merely against aggressive cats,

Confused and lost he wandered the whole day
From street to street all through town
Having no aim, knowing no destination
Wasting hours doing deeds destructive

Destined to be born but not to grow,
The little baby sleeping in his cot,
Expecting his new world a happy flow,
Knows not his God, custom nor his faith,

I think of things without certain things,
Earth without men, kingdoms without kings,
Life without death, white without black,
Day without night, Light without dark,

Extraordinary a child,
born with a heart of love,
for her fellow people and kids,
wanted nothing but peace,

Should I tell you of a dreadful thought,
That makes me breathless, sobbing and crying,
Without her love my life's a knot,

A child on the shoulders of his father,
Watched the other kids with their bags to school,
Playing with their toys by the pool,
Shed tears and wished to be one of them,

So perfect as a pair, my heart and thine,
So strong as a bond, thy eyes and mine,
O goddess of beauty, thy palace my heart,
Come to me once more, forever this time,

I wanted to add you
But you subtracted,
And distances multiplied.

Going from flower to flower,
To feel the fragrant they shower,
Find in their colors a sense of delight,
Keep, they, me in a happy flight,

The world has entered a social age,
But we the two,
Races tribes and religions,
Feel pleased in others defeat,

It's gained pace of an electric train,
Started slow moving very swiftly though,
Yesterday's child is today's father,
Tells today, was searching while ago,

In a still wind, a twig moves up and down
Forcing me to see the lady with a crown
Dancing without wind in clothes of green
Smiling with the petals pink, a most happy scene

We were different yet not
Two souls sailing in the same boat
By the looks of your pale face
Surely none waiting you on the shore

In the wind, cold and fresh, of morning
Dew drops dropping as the leaves move
On the blades of grass as they dance
Hither and thither, together they move

That day when my eyes open,
I rush for everything,
Finishing quickly,
Things disarranged,

India And Pakistan

Why is it so? I don't know,
I see in the list your name,

An eye from the sky,
Looks down,
Shines when you smile,
Important to that eye,

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Sonnet 'Memory'

After that day of our departure,
I gave my soul nothing but torture,
Calling you to memory all the time,
Made my moments the most sublime,

You were here with me like the sun of dawn,
Sat I looking you ending in smoke every plan,
How can I stop you, knowing no way no reason,
To have forever in my heart a lily, rose' season,

Is this my fate this my destiny? Looted and in despair,
Or with your hand will my hand be ever in pair?
Will ever my tired head rest on your soft arm,
Will my name be written ever on your white palm?

I have a hope you will be mine and mine you are,
Like the moon accompanied by the brightest star,

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Kanav Justa 18 May 2013

his poems are so good, , , i like to read some of his poems again and again, , , , and everytime when i read those, , i find it more beautiful than ever, , ,

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Unwritten Soul 26 January 2013

Dream the rain? He will pour joyful words on you, Desert be Forest and smile be yours. Jahan style evolve around the beautiful words orbiting magnetizing meaning. Once he touch the paper and it alive, infect the space with imaginary so beautifully...dont compare him with other as he own his way and that i call a different dimension of a poet. First and last drop of his ink will quench your thirst of good poetry quality_Soul

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Payal Parande 26 December 2012

jahan zaib...... as his name suggest itself...there is indeed the whole incredible universe placed in his heart which is so beautiful and that once you get to know him you will never get satisfied but he will never disappoint you cause as much i get to know him i think it is infinite...the poems are brilliant they will make you feel like you are sitting in a tree of paradise and listening to an angel singing the secrets of happiness...he will make you addicted of him and there is no cure once you read his poems.....

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Chetana Sapaliga 20 October 2012

A very sweet and awesome poem it is....

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Thomas Duncky 06 May 2012

Love the way you end your poems, it gets me hooked to read up to yo last sentence.

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The only thing we consider important is the goal and ignore the journey. All the leaning lies in the journey.

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