Son's Repentance Poem by Jahan Zeb

Son's Repentance

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Confused and lost he wandered the whole day
From street to street all through town
Having no aim, knowing no destination
Wasting hours doing deeds destructive
Spending time in companies unknown
Whistling on the way, kicking stone
In autumn when all things dried up
He sat to a trunk leaning back
Looking at the leafless branches above
Eyes got wet thoughts scattered
Like leaves in wind cold spreading
On deserted empty road
He gazed a sight dimmed by the warm tears
An old lady waiting late at night
On the door trembling with fear unknown
'Stay not too late son' said she.
'Till I am alive', added, 'it kills me'
World has become bad innocent child
Out of arms mine all things wild

'Don't be over sensitive' he said
'I am grown up not a kid'

Came a voice from under the leafless tree
Like a child weeping for his broken toy
Roaring loud, drops of tears
Flooding from his eyes
Tsunami on the rise
Much larger in the size
Crying heart out. He says
Come back! Please come back!
Scold me, Smack me or punch me
Let me not go out
Shout at me,
Promise! I'll never be late
Come back, out of
Your arms, it's bad. It's very bad

Please do care for your mothers. I lucky to have my Mother and so are you.
Unwritten Soul 20 December 2012

Lovely and i feel such a bless to write the first comment..Mother is the one who precious to us, she is the human that accept us as we are and do care all from her heart...God send us a guardian to be a better man, if we cant doing well remember it's not our mom problem she just try to give the is because of her..I really love this poem because the meaning, the feeling and the words...O children include me, dont we ever forget to reply her love until she dies the love goes on still...dont be too late to show how much we love the ones who cares us so much purely..10+++++++_Soul

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Sallam Yassin 20 December 2012

mother is the only who really love and care but we recognize that when she only past u told the story in every warm and sensetive way well done my friend

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Muhammad Mirash 20 December 2012

only mother can love with pure heart, because they know us more than any one.

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Kanav Justa 21 December 2012

felt so good after reading this, , , , , really

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Xelam Kan™ 22 December 2012

theme is strong no doubt, ...... presentation is also fabulous............ you know dear jan, poem is like a play, it has to be blessed with well knitted plot and construction.... in the middle of the poem i feel a bit lack of concentration.......(may be i m wrong) any how as whole its a poignant one a sweet tribute to mother`s love

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Susan Williams 09 September 2020

Confused and lost he wandered the whole day From street to street all through town Having no aim, knowing no destination Wasting hours doing deeds destructive Spending time in companies unknown- - -> excellent presentation of the situation which you build on so well

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Valsa George 30 December 2012

A mother's love has no bounds! Though we may disobey her at times, in solitude, her words of concern may reverberate in our ears, moving us to tears of repentance! A moving theme, powerfully presented! ! Thanks for such an encouraging comment on my poem 'What Life Teaches'! !

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Sanjay Mehta 27 December 2012

Mother loves her children even when they least deserve to be loved for she only understands what a child does not even say. Emotional write, He created mothers to ensure his presence everywhere.

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Saeed Jan 23 December 2012

Oh dear, U really brought tears in my eyes... How careless we are and once we realise, it's too late then... most of the people don't respect their parents and I'm no exception to it, but I'm sure after reading this great piece, many wd hv changed their attitude about parents, as I did...mother, the symbol of love and affection, a true support in every hardship... If all the world reject us, the only place that welcomes us is mother's lap.... Love U mom, I promise, ll never ever hurt U! !

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Hazel Durham 22 December 2012

A mothers love is the most eternal and purest love we will ever have in our lives! You have created a cold, menacing atmosphere brilliantly with great imagery. The inner child in the son exposes his regret and longing for his mothers embrace. Outstanding write! !

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Jahan Zeb

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