New World Poem by Jahan Zeb

New World

Rating: 4.7

A child on the shoulders of his father,
Watched the other kids with their bags to school,
Playing with their toys by the pool,
Shed tears and wished to be one of them,
The father went from man to man, street to street,
Signaling cars, gentility, with open hands,
Torn clothes, dirty face he stands,
Received nothing but ridiculing mass,
Who's responsible if his father is not rich?
The son, the father, we or democracy?
God, his angels, nature, or prophecy?
His eyes bleeding, his father's pleading,
Who will answer this little child's question?
Waiting am I for any suggestion.

Kevin Halls 19 May 2012

A great poem on a question that isn't easy to answer. But like Val says if you've got love your rich but without the wealth. Well written Jahan.

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Valerie Dohren 18 May 2012

Very moving poem - the greatest possession is love, which the child clearly has, so is he not rich.

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Ana Sanchez 15 May 2012

love it...speaks clearly

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Dave Walker 11 May 2012

Like it a great poem, good work.

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Alex Medina 09 May 2012

You said you wanted to improve your work but I ask you, what is there to improve?

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Heyyou Boy 01 November 2012

This poem is so very true. Who does decide who will have and who will have not?

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Stevie Taite 18 October 2012

How indeed to we put and end to poverty like this? Your pen reminds us of the inequality, and it just seems all the sader and crueler when seeing it from the childs perspective. You paint your picture well!

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Farah Ilyas 23 May 2012

u described ur views in such a moving & tragic manner that my eyes r forced to weep, really have a deep meaning & message inside, Zaib u r bestowed with a golden heart, waiting for ur more poems...welll done

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Aditi Khandelwal 22 May 2012

Really good and touching poem.. poverty snatches the dreams of little kids to go to school. Aditi

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really nice poem and touching words

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Jahan Zeb

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