Maya, Frozen In Your Cage, You Are Immortal Poem by Nathan Coppedge

Maya, Frozen In Your Cage, You Are Immortal

Rating: 3.5

The beautiful frozen fire,
In a cage, where you sing with a beautiful voice.
It is invincible.
As I write, I write of beauty,
With a phenomenal quickness,
With a magisterial separateness,
This is a part of how I feel:
You are a beautiful negro woman,
A celebrated poet.
You gave your voice to the French.
From one to the other.
Giving off an ethereal perfume.
The entire world has choked.
The world has atrophied.
With equal strength, you depart.
Maya Angelou acquired heroism.
She left more than one spirit.
To those who don't know, it thieves thieving.
She was sleeping around with her style, her ferocity, her patience, her flight,
Persevere, bravery, understanding.
The opinion of her writing, without speaking falsely,
It must be weighed, a bountiful love.
You have a place in my heart, the place reserved for her.

This is a translation of the poem Maya, L’oiseau En Cage, S’est Envolée by Hebert Logerie
Thursday, May 29, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Translation from the French, with poetic license and limited proficiency.
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