The Park Bench Poem by Jennifer Sol

The Park Bench

Rating: 4.8

A happy couple
Hands entwined
Strolling through the park
Blissfully ignorant
Of their surroundings
It sends stabs of pain
Through my lonely heart
I’m the lone occupant
Of a solid wooden bench
Tears stain my cheeks
I used to be like them
Energy radiating from my core
All that changed…
On the eighth day of May
My heart stopped…
I could find no words…
Pain raced through my veins…
My eyes dulled…
And I cried for the first time…
I had never experienced
The intense anguish before
It was unwelcome
But constantly there
A companion I shall travel with
For as long as it takes
This wound to heal
Back to the park…
I drink in the scene
Children laughing on the playground
Smiling fathers buy ice cream
For their exuberant offspring
Couples get lost in each other’s embrace
The wind rustles the green leaves
The sun stretches out her arms
And I sit accompanied by my misery
Am I destined to be this way
To never love another the same
To settle for second best…
That can’t be my future…it can’t
But it looks to be that way

BEAU GOLDEN 20 July 2006

jennifer, i have 54 poems here out of my 250 or so written, i would say that your work here is every bit as passionate and good and u r sooo young. That is beautiful and THAT is what god put u here for! Keep it up! beau

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Jack Quehoff 20 July 2006

Hi Jennifer beautifully framed piece from your heart i loved it. A great poem.

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