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*memories, Shaped By Wind I: Child Of Duststorms

Rating: 3.2

Growing up in Lubbock,
Child of dust storms,
There were years when all of my memories
Were shaped by wind:
Nightmares were tumble-weeded and dust-deviled;
Hounded by prairie dogs
Into their safe haven underground
Dark and deeply labyrinth-ed.

We had weeks when the sun

Was weakened to a pallid moon.
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Stephen Stirk 23 May 2009

I enjoyed the journey you laid out through such wonderful imagery. It puts you in it to feel it, even though it's not the readers place. Best Steve

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Sally Carter 23 May 2009

Another wonderful poem for my favourites collection. Your imagery is fantastic - even though I don't know the place, I feel as if I am there with you all those years ago. I particularly love the final verse, final line.

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Broken Heart 04 July 2009

truly amazing! ! fantasticly writen! ! awesome! !

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Yelena M. 03 July 2009

Your poem is like a journey through the vast landscape of memories and imagination, so full of colours and reminiscences. Those beautiful moments are alive and in eternity as long as thery are remembered and expressed in such vivid poetry. Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you. A.

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Sameer Ahmed 30 June 2009

One cannot change the direction of the wind yet we can adjust our contemplations with wind and it is indeed a fact that memories can sail with wind and time. The shapely patterns of wind can make ones memories remingle in the mind and make one really calm with all those golden elapsed moments curling in between the crus and gyri of the mind.......10/10

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 03 June 2009

Wind has the ability to turn the memories into their original shape and a poet can shape the memories into living words. The wind and the poetess, Lillian Thomas, both have acted like 'shape memory alloy' in this beautiful nostalgic poem. It also evoked the similar remembrances of my childhood village life. Best Regards Naseer

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Ron Flowers 25 May 2009

You have painted a vivid picture of your memories. A wonderful job, Susan. Ron

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