jay money

Mind Gone - Poem by jay money

Man my mind gone
in another time zone
another area code like 606170
j-money if u didnt no
beatin through yo radios
or yo stereos
other rappers simple and plain like cheerios
hard on duh outside but soft like an oreo
but i run dis game like a procurator
so im goin up mane like on an elevator
other people going down like a escalator
getting closer to my dreams
no drake more like propinguity
other people nowhere fake like prosthesis
do i think your gonna make it NO das my hypothesis
my flow is sick
but guess who's s stoppin it
stop dat shaningans
imma veteran
sike imma rookie
party all night like jersey shores snookie
im sick u jus playin hookie
sweet like cookies
but no apple juice
everybody i no is on dat dang snapple juice
das half duh crew
boi u broke u only buy half duh shoe
no money in duh bank dey cheat u like wamu
got yall eatin on dat venosin
no steak imma monster like ben tenison
2 me other rappers are insigneficant
like wippersnapper
if it aint duh money den shawty wat u after
sure i made em mad i dont here no laughter
u makin noise but only on duh raptures
get in duh game
bring no fame
but ill bring u pain
bout 2 be a chi-town legend
rappin is my passion
yea its in my blood like amino acids
lyrics comin outta me like digestive gases
its so sick
so wait till it passes ova be4 u approach me
walk wit a waddle like a mutha lovin dope fiend
hold me no homo
i aint got nothin 2 give dont pass like tony romo
or steve nash on 2 duh nex song where duh cash

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 13, 2010

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