But Not Today Poem by Susan Williams

But Not Today

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I have no heart today.
I think I have lost it somewhere along the way
From yesterday to today.
I am wrong
It's not gone
It's still here
I know this because it aches
If my chest were truly empty
It would not ache.
I should get up now
Get up and rejoin the war
On this battlefield
On this battleground.
I should and I will
I will get up again
But not today
Not today.
Tomorrow maybe.
Maybe tomorrow I will get up off the ground
As far as my knees.
I should
I should get on my knees
But not today
Tomorrow maybe
Today I am too heart-sick and weary
Too heart-sick and weary to move
Tomorrow maybe.
Maybe tomorrow I will lift my eyes to the hills
From whence my help will come.
I will lift up my eyes again
Lift them up to the hills again.
But not today.
Not today.
Tomorrow I will
Because I must
Rejoin the war
On this battlefield
On this battleground.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©2016 susan williams

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: depression,life and death,melancholy,trials
Theodora Onken 18 September 2016

Oh, Susan...i felt it all; Have so much empathy for you as i am sure many here do. We have all been here to this battlefield. You and i are here now...many days are like this - hours mingled in hope - soon despair...an utter roller coaster of wars- almost sometimes feels like a never ending battle. Somehow, we find our strength...strength that comes from HE who made us. Our blessed Father who has promised not to ever give us any more than we can handle. Thank you dear Susan for this deeply heart touching - and to the marrow deep write. i truly, truly understand and identify - for me as well, each day - is a new challenge to get through.

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Susan Williams 20 September 2016

God is our strength and the prayers that have been surrounding this particular battlefield for a year and a half now give us comfort. Never doubt the power of prayer, my friend, nor the comfort of friendship. I have wanted so much to reply to your comment but my site was down for 5 or 6 days- -today is the first day I have been able to reply, comment, and go to other writers' pages and that is where I am off to now- -to see what good things you have written lately while I was bound and gagged in outer Mongolia! !

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Mj Lemon 13 September 2016

Susan. This is a very profound piece of writing. What you expose is the deep truth, reality, that at times we simply have to will ourselves to get along with life....Tomorrow I will Because I must. A superb poem, and a perfect 10.

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Tom Allport 15 November 2023

A wonderful write about never giving up.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 11 April 2023

This is an outstanding poem! I have a lot of respect to you because you are uncontroversial. Your poetry reflects your clean and pure heart dear poetess. Pray God to fetch you an extended peaceful life!

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Anjandev Roy 11 April 2023

Such a wonderful write...... enjoyed very much....

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Anjandev Roy 17 March 2023

Profound piece...... brilliantly penned....thank u, dear poetess....

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Susan Williams 18 March 2023

Thank you, Anjandev, for reading and giving it a high 5

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Pallavi Tripathi 28 February 2023

That's how i feel most days. Thanks for summing up my days in one poem!

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Susan Williams 06 March 2023

I am sorry to hear that there is so much struggle in your days--I pray for your relief and strengthening. Thank you for reading me.

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