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Mirror, Mirror

Rating: 4.4

When you look in the mirror
What do you see.
A reflection of yourself
or the opposite of thee.
Someone who finds fault
in the decisions that you make.
Who thinks that you're the imposter,
that you're the fake.
How do they deal with

the problems that you face.
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John Brown 09 September 2012

Intriguing poem Mark. It's better if we don't know what's around the corner I reckon.

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Aung Si 06 September 2012

I like the third stanza.Good job.I appreciate you!

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Marieta Maglas 03 September 2012

''A reflection of yourself or the opposite of thee.'' I like this idea-people around us are mirrors-beautiful poem, thank you for sharing.

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Heather Wilson 02 September 2012

Mirror, mirror, what do you see? , a well written interesting poem! .

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Diane Hine 31 August 2012

An interesting exploration of our complex selves in a thought-provoking poem.

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M Asim Nehal 08 January 2016

Nice one, please read my poem Mirror....thanks

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R.j. Wynn 14 June 2013

Reminds me of the old wagon trails you can still find out hunting that seem as if they went nowhere at all.

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Yash Shinde 20 October 2012

a very strong poem.....and your poems reflect your pesona; ity just like a mirror loved it

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Lyn Paul 08 October 2012

Excellent Mark. A very strong write.

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Ruth Walters 25 September 2012

interesting poem, had me from beginning to end for it's concept......when I look in the mirror these days it's misty unless I wear my specs ;)))

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