Misplaced Love Poem by Francis Duggan

Misplaced Love

Land, Religion and Nationality one well might call them the big three
Barriers to love and understanding that would lead to World harmony
And add to those three God and Politics and then there is this issue of race
And add to these cultural differences and peace an uphill fight must face.

The religious zealots don't like me and they shun me as an infidel
And condemn me to a life hereafter as fodder for the fires of hell
The God they pray to lacks understanding and to such a God I could not pray
But to their beliefs they are entitled and each to their own one might say.

There is only one God for all people and that God in no way is small
And whether it be male or female our God within lives in us all
And though some may see me as unworthy or even worse not right in the head
You won't hear about the hereafter though you knock on the graves of the dead.

Most of you who believe in God almighty lack in understanding and trust
On Planet Earth we all were born and we shall return to dust
And war has been waged for God and Country as well as Nationality
Yet those living in war torn Countries of poverty are never free.

Love of God and Homeland and Nationality so much in common seem to share
These three can give birth to oppression and suffering and want and despair
And those who fight for God and Country and to their God for favours pray
May feel their sacrifice has not been wasted but their's is misplaced love is all I can say.

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