Modern Poetry Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Modern Poetry

Rating: 4.8

What do you witness in modern poetry?
Does it represent sentiments of any country?
Do fond actual spirit missing and has evaporated?
It seems mind is bogged down and perforated,

No reflection of nature, snow clad mountains in poems?
Not concrete views on subjects and lack proper themes,
Short size of lines and left to readers for views
Read out as Para or commentary in news

No curse or regret in words for any message
Be silent spectator and clear smooth way for passage
Our poetic soul has died long back,
We write artificially as if standing on jack,

We have completely lost faith in system around,
We are back to the square one nothing new is found
limitation in expression of ideas and are not found suitable or sound
People do not appreciate as it has lost the ground,

Has the level of writing gone up or we leg behind?
Does the nature has lost its charm and nothing new find
Forests are depleted and wild animals has lost cover
what is left in nature is simply to imagine over?

Ozone layer is depleting and glaciers are sliding
Air is completely polluted and we are minding
Rivers are added with affluent discharge,
there is health hazard and risk is looming large

What to write in modern poems?
Where is inspiration with good theme?
Who has the time to spare for nature?
We are concerned with only future

How come old themes are rich with heritage?
Why do they not fall under class vintage/
They still inspire us in our daily routine
Lot many ways to be explored and put in

How our ancestors could write great epics?
There were tragic events including comics
Every part so interwoven with delicate presentation
Still we prefer it to be put in our quotation

Love epics are down with limited object
Suicides and downing in river is the only subject
News papers are full of robbery and murders
Little we offer as solace and only murmur

Death as horrified subject is only to be covered
Its impact is only to be lowered
What else we can offer in present day of living?
We must go deep for analytical study with forced diving

What message we carry for the masses?
No one has to worry and make passes
we are the real voice for any uprising
Only passion should be aroused for rising

Still we have so much to offer
Subject same but opinions differ,
Message should be simple but has to be widely read
Mass appeal for love and peace but not hatred

Shilpa Maheswari 11 August 2009

no new direction or message....10

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Kamli Kamal 12 August 2009

not to talk much abt podern poetry....10

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Saroj Davde 13 August 2009

nothignew to offer...10

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Radha Seth 13 August 2009

who knows what is all abt.....10

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Kunwar Patel 14 August 2009

nothing modern in this kind of poetry....10

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Kpekot Egweteng 21 June 2015

You have said it all. Poetry now does not define our moment.I agree "our poetic soul has died long back" . But we can still exhume it.

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Sergio Bruno 22 November 2009

Ideas expressed limited and not so sound, People do not appreciate as it has lost ground, 10

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Ramdulari Sinha 16 October 2009

No curse or regret in words as message, Silent spectator and smooth way or passage,

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Nagesh Ratnavelu 15 October 2009

Where the actual spirit has evaporated? It seems mind on vane and perforated,

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Sunita Rao 15 October 2009

What do you witness in modern poetry? Does not represent sentiments of country? Where the actual spirit has evaporated? It seems mind on vane and perforated,

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