Money Vs. Love Poem by Concetta Salter

Money Vs. Love

Riches and fortunes don’t matter to me.
As long as your near, than I’d sleep on the streets.
He offer’s me diamonds and silky smooth gowns.
You offer me love that is hard to be found.
He offer’s me tickets, front row to a play.
He’s such a great actor, he should be on stage.
You offer me kindness, I knows not an act.
There’s so much you have that I find that he lacks.
I find that he’s safe. And I find he’s secure.
And though you are reckless, my love for you soars.
I’ve tried to find reasons to stay where it’s safe.
It’s time to break free of this life that I hate.
It’s you that I love, and have loved from the start.
It’s time that I leave him. It’s time that we part.
I tell him it’s time that we go separate ways.
I tell him I know that his love has been faked.
Though he’s upset by the look in his eye’s.
None of my words, does he dare to decline.
As I’m walking out his door, I say a last farewell.
Now that I am at you house, I’m scared to ring the bell.
What if you don’t feel the same. The same I feel for you.
Guess I’ll leave it up to fate. Cause what else could I do.
You open up the door real slow, and look me in the eye’s.
I see It than. I know it’s true. Your love was always mine.

Concetta Salter

Concetta Salter

Coral Springs FL.
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