Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Monologue With Lord Sankara! -Iv - Poem by Varanasi Ramabrahmam


Even though millions of beautiful youthful women are available
Only the ones who share my heart and love me are my beloved;
Even though billions of rupees are available in the banks
Only the money in my account is mine;
Even though many people are around only the ones
Who take care of me are my people;
Even though many Divine Personalities are available to grant boons
Only the One who showers compassion on me is my Lord;
The pleasantness showered by my beloved is my treasure
The love and affection shown by my friends is my anchor
The love and blessings given by my elders are my wealth
The compassion and care showered by You is essence of my existence, Lord Sankara!


The intoxication contained in the looks of beautiful youthful women,
The excitement in the grip of hypocritical commercial spiritual gurus,
The “pleasure” in the consumption of banned and harmful drugs and chemicals,
Are far inferior in comparison to the contentment got in absorbed discharge of duties
And the bliss experienced in the chanting of your auspicious Name, Lord Sankara!


You are the Lord not having beginning or ending
Past or future, birth or death;
But there is no end to our difficulties and problems,
No death to our pains, hurts, no past or future to our inconveniences,
Please give strength of mind to bear any thing, Lord Sankara!


Why we are gripped by fear, engulfed by worries,
Our mind is squeezed in the whirlpool of unpleasantness,
I do not know; we are disturbed for small or big problems
Please dissolve all these troubling distortions of mind, Lord Sankara!


For the people who are fasting delicious dishes,
For the people who took Sanyasa
Amorous feelings and the delightful assets of beautiful youthful women,
For many married ones their old flames,
And for sincere devotees You, are always in thoughts, Lord Sankara!


By learning musical notes the musicians sing your glory
By learning alphabet and techniques of verse-writing
The poets narrate and describe your eminence and prominence
Through beautiful strokes and pleasant colors the painters draw your pictures
You are responsible for, cause and effect of the origin, sustenance and
dissolution of all the creations, Lord Sankara!


Just as simple words giving rise to profound truths
Our plain hearts and little minds
Singing your glory and eminence
Is Your Grace and Compassion, Lord Sankara!


We need proficiency in language
To express our thoughts, feelings and experiences;
We must meditate on You to realize Your Presence in us
And glow as You, Lord Sankara!


Just as sound, statics and dynamics, heat,
Light, electricity and magnetism, atomic and nuclear science
Astronomy, are all physics only
All Divinities are You only, Lord Sankara!


The rotations and vibrations of atoms and molecules
Contain and are sources of energy;
The kinetic and potential states of all matter and life-systems
Are manifestation and forms of energy
Goddess Paraasakti, the embodiment of Energy is Your Consort
You are personification and form of all energy, Lord Sankara!

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