The Secret Of Time And Its Passage Poem by Varanasi Ramabrahmam

The Secret Of Time And Its Passage

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Memory defeats passage of time

Hurts and pains enliven passed times and events
In the form of aches, and rarely are enlivened pleasant experiences had;

Anxiety, fear, apprehension constitute the future;

Past and future are thought forms
In the present continuous,
Arising out of earlier experiences,
And doubts and imaginations about the imminent,
Are mere mental projections
In the present;

The present continuously changes
Every one tenth of a second
As a pulse series of awareness
Replacing past dissolving into future;

Events took place and the ones we imagine may happen
Respectively create memory,
And doubts, fears and expectations;

Thus the egoistic mind drawing us into the past or future
And seldom allowing us to live in the present
And enjoy current bliss, peace and silence
Creating whirlpool of time and its passage
Never lets us transcend the notion of time
And its passage;

But the reality is,
Present continuous being
One-tenth of a second,
The past over and the future yet to dawn;

Realization of this secret of
Passage of time, past, present and future
As mere thought forms in the present,
Sets in us peace, bliss and quietude
And we face life cheerfully
Transcending mental suggestions
And enjoy the present in calmness,
Peace, bliss, silence, in unoccupied awareness
As contented and content-free state of mind

Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 17 August 2009

a wisdom shared in superb form and diction

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Rajaram Ramachandran 17 August 2009

Present portraits an event or a picture what we all see and experience that will turn into past, thus making it a history the next moment. A future is not known until it crystalizes into present, that eventually becomes past, in its turn. This is a cycle, Kala Chakra, every living being goes through in its life time. A highly philosophical poem this one is.

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Beauty Philosophy 18 August 2009

'Memory defeats passage of time', this verse is the key of the poem. Noone of us humans is able to trace back his foot steps and resurect the joyful moments of the past, but thanks to memory one can do that and gain the same pleasure. yet, phylosophically speaking, the lost or dead or bygone moments, objects and persons gain VALUE exactly because of that very LOSS...

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warner treuter 21 August 2009

I would have to give this a whole lot more thought, that is, spend a lot more time on these ideas you've brought up here; but offhand I would think that we are the same as our thoughts on time, meaning: we ARE time - but I'm not sure. So, if we transcended time would we be the same us? Probably not and yet I like to have faith that it will be an improvement when and if we ever do. I've spent some time on this in the past but it seems fairly lost in time though, I feel, not altogether lost. Just a feeling. A feeling in time? In the present about the past? Nothing, to me, is more mysterious than time. Perhaps that's why I've got a bad memory.

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Patricia Gale 19 August 2009

A thought provoking piece

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Steven S 18 August 2009

Varanasi, I suspect you and I share the same enlightenment about time. I would love to spend an hour (ha, there's a concept: the hour) , or so talking about our thoughts on time. Steve

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Inner Whispers 18 August 2009

but the reality is, Present continuous being One-tenth of a second, The past over and the future yet to dawn; True...and at the coming of dawn, past is determined from immaterial withdrawn...nice write, , ,10

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Sathyanarayana M V S 18 August 2009

'Kala Chakra' defined to its fullest length. Beautiful diction with clarity and cogency.

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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