Good Bye Dear Books! My Intimate Friends! Poem by Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Good Bye Dear Books! My Intimate Friends!

Good Bye! To you my Dear Books,
Good Bye to you my intimate friends;

To you, who have taught me alphabet to vast knowledge
I bid Good Bye! My dear Teachers!

To you, who have introduced me to languages, sciences and philosophies
And made me study and learn them, I bid Good Bye! My friends!

An animal I was, transformed by you into a human and humane being;
Dear Teachers and dearest ones, who caused in me
Al l awareness, scholarship and discrimination,
To you I bid Good Bye!

I am here by the Grace of my Parents
And am brought up and have grown in the company of
Near and dear sharing love and affection with them,
And in your intimacy I have matured and ripened;

In these final moments, when I am breathing my last
And am settling for eternal sleep
I bid Good Bye to you my dear books
I bid Good Bye, my intimate friends;

You are an ocean of meaningful and graceful words
And have put me on the throne of intellectual pleasure
And peaks of emotional fulfillment;
I do not believe in birth after death and cycle of rebirths;
You have transformed me into a Jeevanmukta,
I am liberated while I am alive, thank you!

Definitely I do not come back again to this planet
I will take eternal rest in complete Silence
I bid Good Bye to you who made me what I am
By making me enjoy literature, knowledge, Love, wisdom, spirituality and Tatvam!
Though I could not master them, I could taste them;

I merged in the Absolute in constant study of you and subsequent contemplation!
You helped me to transcend false ego and get absorbed in the True Reality
And made me a fulfilled person, thank you;
Definitely I do not come back again to this planet
I will take eternal rest in complete Silence
After getting dissolved in the five elements;

I joined night with day, seasons with years,
Years with decades in your beautiful and delightful company;
My Good Bye to you who made my mind and utterance wealthy and worthy
By commanding, dictating and guiding them;
I bid Good Bye to you my friends who led me through my life;

By the reality, “jaatasya maranam dhruvam”, once born means one has to die,
After leaving this ephemeral body, I do not come back;
Good Bye to you my dear books!
Good bye to you my intimate friends!

dr veenaa rai 19 August 2009

bidding farewell to your dearest ones who helped you become what you are...a nice tribute even in one's departure...touching.

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warner treuter 19 August 2009

I wish you would have shown by this poem that you do or do not believe you will ever be conscious again in whatever form of consciousness. Such as, do you expect to be at all cognizant or in any form enjoy or recognize your mergence with the elements? It seems strange to be satisfied with complete oblivion, and I do not think Buddha would have bothered to ever open up his mouth after enlightenment if He did not believe there was some reason for doing so, even if it was a reason beyond our reason. Very moving poem, only not very optimistic, unless you envision some kind of reward or at least some kind of advancement, however mystifying.

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warner treuter 04 May 2010

dear Varanasi, I am 77 now and am always having to make changes and deal with various ailments - those who don't, generally die, and I would like to live forever so long as the conditions were not too intolerable, which is not realistic, I know, but I have known a state of love when I was young where, though I had some things, like anybody else, about my life and body that I would certainly have liked to change, in love they did not matter... so that I could honestly say, for the nonce, my life was perfect and as far as feeling and conception went I had no problems in my life at all, none, zero, and life was perfect. I knew it would not last forever but I got a lot of mileage out of it for a lifetime. And when I was eight years old, in love with the beauties of Nature, due to the innocent perfectibilities of a young and innocent body of fleshly sensibilities life was often an actual Heaven, a heaven on earth. Now, that's not near as good as Nirvana, which is my highest ideal and far, far away, for me, but still I believe it is close to you and that, not any other kind of emptiness or nothingness is what I hope for you. Life of any kind is good when we're not hurting. That's the catch that we all must deal with. Frankly, so long as you're not hurting I would hope for you and all those like you to live forever, though I guess it could get a little crowded here on earth... with all those Jivanmuktas running around on it, but then as we all know, the way things seem to be going, that's highly unlikely. I certainly don't mean for this comment to be anything but highly loving and respectful, only a paeon to life, grateful that you and those like you are in it. PS. I suppose I could write differently if I was hurting - more than usual - ha ha- but that also is life. Best to you. May you keep writing some of the best stuff on the internet.

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Pradyumna Jyotir 18 March 2010

Sir......I don't have much knowledge about the scriptures.....but from my little knowledge.......i come to understand 'Jeevanamukta' is the cosmic aim of every gain detachment from everything and thus be liberated from the cycle of birth and death. Jeevanamukta is the state of eternal bliss. It comes when you have fulfilled your duties and responsibilities to your satisfaction. A fitting farewell before you attain the goal........but Sir in this poem much as the poet is looking forward to his cosmic goals....he feels sad that he has to bid fare well to his most prized possessions........and there sets in 'Attachment' again.... A wonderful depiction of a spiritual conflict.....

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam 20 August 2009

Dear Friend Olfa, Thank you for your kind response and the advice. I am glad that you liked the verse. I too have a suggestion to make to you. Please go through the Upanishads where the state of Self, where and when the mind and its activities are absorbed in it and a state of peace, bliss, silence and unoccupied awareness is experienced. When one attains such a state, one will discharge one's duties more responsibly, does his activities more efficiently and will always have a state of equanimity. In such a state the mundane thoughts like births and rebirths do not occur. And one is not concerned whether rebirths are there or not. One lives one's life contentedly. Best wishes.

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Beauty Philosophy 20 August 2009

A good tribute to your teachers and your books for enlightening your path, but with all my respect to your faith, I do not really agree with you that there is no life after death and no 'cycle of rebirths', I think that you should pay tribute to your MIND first who is supposed to guide you to logic and wisdom. Since you are still alive, i invite your precious MIND to have a look at a book that you may have never opened even by curiosity, the QURAN, and see if it contains something important to add to your already -acquired knowledge. Good write.

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam 19 August 2009

Dear Mr. Warner, When I said I am entering eternal silence, I am talking physical death of the body. I intuitively believe that after death nothing relating to physical body remains except the good and; bad deeds done during life time. I do not believe in reincarnation. So I bid good by to my best friends who helped me to be what I am. I am not at all referring to any advancement or any such thing. I am simply talking of physical death.

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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