More Worries Poem by Jim Yerman

More Worries

When I was growing up…getting ready for school…looking back…I feel blessed
for my morning routine, unlike the youth of today, didn't have as much worry or stress.

"Good Morning kids, " our mom would say. "Hope you had a nice rest."
"I'll go start on breakfast while you get yourselves dressed."

After breakfast Mom, it seemed, was always in a rush.
"The bus will be here any minute." she'd say…"Go wash up…and don't forget brush".

She'd be waiting at the door with our lunch bags and a kiss to send us on our way
"Be good boys." She'd smile, "I love you…now go have a great day."

We'd wave to her as we ran to our bus…and every morning we'd hear her say,
"When you get back this afternoon I want to hear all about your day".

When it came to our safety at school my mom never worried about my brothers and me.
She knew any school we attended…was a safe and happy place to be.

She never worried if that breakfast was the last breakfast she would ever cook us…
If that last kiss was the last kiss she'd ever give.
She never worried when we left for school…
if we would die that day…or live…

Her biggest worries were if we were having fun and learning…if all our courses we'd pass…
She never worried when we left for school…if we'd be gunned down in our class.

And my biggest worry was at recess…when my brothers or friends were chasing me
that I might fall and the nurse (then my mom when I got home)
would put mercurochrome on my knee.

But the times don't always change for good…sometimes they change for bad
Because today's parents and their children have more to worry about than my mom and me ever had.

Oh how I wish we could go back in time….
where a child's biggest worry was a skinned knee…and mercurochrome…
not worried, at the end of the day…if they would make it home.

And when a parent's biggest worries were that their children would learn, be happy and thrive…
And no parent ever again had to worry
when they send their child to school…
that they will make it our alive.

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