Mt. Everest, Beautiful And Deadly Poem by Pacific Hernandez

Mt. Everest, Beautiful And Deadly

Rating: 5.0

You are so attractive, like a light to a moth
For tne adventurous, daring and for the bold
You're like a woman's breast so steep and erect
Every climber's dream is your nipple touch and reach
But some met their demise on the way up the trek

Your whiteness unblemished was only for a time
Is now tarnished, stained by blood and trash of men
From base to areola is now a garbage dump
A vast and open grave to those who met demise
Unlike the lucky few who made it to the top

Upto when will men scale your side and strive
To plant a kiss on your nipple and on your tip stand
To plant a flag in your summit while death is at their side

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: beauty
Sylvia Frances Chan 05 March 2019

Very remarkable Ode Poem to this Highest Top of the world. As the poet sees from this side of the mountains'view. Excellent poem, powerful words, true manly, since the mountain is compared with a woman's breast. Well, I must admit that the metaphors used are of good quality. What is more best than a woman's breast, at least for a male poet. Thank you for sharing this lovely Ode. I have enjoyed very much. God's Blessings. A 10+++++++++

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