What's In A Group Name Poem by Pacific Hernandez

What's In A Group Name

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Why are fish uneducated
When they frequently go to school
If shoal we call a group of fish,
Sometimes there's no fish in a shoal
Starfish, silverfish, cuttlefish
Under what grouping shall they fall

A group of apes shrewdness we call
But they're not shrewd, no, not at all

How to measusre a leopards' leap
Is it by dozen or by feet?

There's one thing common in between
The tiny legumes and the whales
The little legumes can make a pod
The leviathans also can

A group of bears can make a sloth
But many sloths can't make a bear

Herons and bitterns make a siege
Though enemy they do not have

A group of cattle is called a herd
A herd of swan, crane and curlew?
A funny thing, but that I've heard

Not only geese can make a skein
But also thread, silk, wool and yarn
A skein of thread up in the air
Is still a skein, no matter where
A skein of geese high up above
Becomes a gaggle when they land

When the Platipi make a pile
On top each other they do not climb

A group of wildfowl I starved
With or without food they are plump

They said the choughs made chatterings
But I did not hear anything

The rooks are birds so wonderful
They make buildings without a tool
But the name rook is a misnomer
Gambler nor cheats, they are neither

Snipes in a walk that I have seen
Were not on foot but in the air

Estrella Baldemosa 05 December 2008

I salute your wit! wow!

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Mifael Llauderes 27 October 2008

amusing and informative a good reference poem hehe...

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Ashraful Musaddeq 17 October 2008

Very interesting poem. Very nice idea. 10+

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