Naked I Came Poem by Pacific Hernandez

Naked I Came

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Into this world naked I came
Because naked You sent me
But temptation is everywhere
Widely scattered on my way
And I gathered material things
That is how it seems should be
Material things I'll own a while
Like the life You loaned to me
Be I burried in a coffin of gold
Or wrapped in a mat of grass
I should leave everything behind
And face you with an empty hand
For naked did I come hereto
Naked I should go back to You

Prince Obed de la Cruz 27 February 2011

I remembered the story of Job... anyway sir, are you a Christian? because I am... anyway, the crispness of the subject, matching the poetic appeal is fantastic... it reminds us of many things in life that we should always remember... Let us not lose our souls... To live is for Christ and to die is gain...

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Ashraful Musaddeq 04 October 2008

'I have to leave everything behind For naked unto here I came and Naked I will go back to You' The most idea is the message of the poem. Very nice.10 for it.

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Tai Chi Italy 04 October 2008

We should all keep this lesson in mind PH! especially in this time when 'things' are being denied us in this so called financial meltdown! we can take nothing but what we have learned with us imo. Smiling at you, loving the simplicity of having nothing! lol Tai

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Melvin Banggollay 01 October 2008

This is really a wonderful relection of your heart, of your sence of being in this world. thanks for sharing this well written picece. thanks, melvin

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