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My Apology, My Explanation, My Request (Not A Poem) - Poem by Marie J. Christopher

First to all, I apologize to all of my friends for displaying my personal problem in this forum which is meant to be shared by all for our love of poetry.

I have recently visited other poetry sites but I can say that I only enjoy and feel comfortable here. But I have an personal romantic issue That I have to deal with, and so sorry to get you all involved in it.

My life for the last three weeks have been put on hold; if it keeps going on like this, I will be unemployed as I can't stay focused at work; and my family has been neglected, my spiritual life is a mess; the only blessing is that I develop such a passion for poetry that it keeps me going, something to look forward to.

Again, I apologize to all of you.

Secondly, I have some explaining to do. When I first came to this forum, I was happy go lucky guy, you can call me a Buddha boy or Christ's boy and you are not far from being correct. I just wanted to write poems or learn to write poem to show everyone God's love for us and my love for Him.

My life was quiet until Madeleine, a nickname for one of the female poet here, one day she visited my page and we fell in love, pure and platonic love, or puppy love, felt like the first time. And for some mystical reasons, our love for each others was very intense. But I also know that it will lead us nowhere but suffering. Plus, I want to remain faithful to my Lord God. However, I feel bad that she suffers so much, so I have spent time to comfort her. Admittedly, I still have strong feeling for Madeleine but I try to suppress it simply because it is sinful to have that romantic feeling if you are married. For some reasons, her love for me is so strong as you all have witnessed. I guess I am not telling you anything that you have not known. Anyway, last night I bid goodbye to Madeleine because it just can't go on like this. She just suffers more if I keep sticking around to be her lover or companion from the distance. She has to get on with her life and I mine.

All I now want is to see Madeleine well taken care of and be happy. I will pray really hard for her so all good things come to her future. For me, I just want to contribute in poetry by writing and enjoying your works here. Through the grace of God, I continue to branch out to other human emotions or struggles such as my recent works, ' I, Against Myself' or 'Existential Existence', which I hope you enjoy.

Lastly, I come here to enjoy poetry in order to compose and contribute. And now I like to make a sincere request that you please send me your comments, praises, or criticisms on my works or on me personally by sending them to my Inbox or post them on the same poem pages. But please don't write poems to criticize me for I love poetry very much and I read every poem posted here, and your criticism really crushes my heart and it can influence the hearts of my friends who love what I advocate. If you can't help yourself in doing so, just do it I guess. But try not to, I just want to be treated no differently than any poet here for I don't see anyone being criticized in poems on the regular basis as I have been subjected to.

Thank you for putting up with me. I have so many friends here and I love to write poems now (not at first though) , so I like to stick around. I might take couple weeks off before I post any more poem so all the dusts settle and for me to have a chance to get my life in the right track.

I will continue to pray for all especially Madeleine.

God Bless,

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, July 7, 2013

Poem Edited: Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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