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My Birthday

Rating: 3.5

I was born in such a day, but I never ever celebrated it Simply because I am considering everyday as A new birthday to me... I was born in this day To add myself into this current world... The whole world is my house Simply because I feel everyone in it heartily, Wonderfully, and greatly Just for good... I am on the side of the poor people Before the side of the rich people... I feel the homeless people Anywhere and everywhere... I feel the displaced people All around our globe... I am on the side of the righteous people Rather than on the people who are on the wrong side... All people globally are my brothers and are my sisters Anywhere and everywhere... My birthday is great and wonderful When I see justice and fairness Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... I am a member of the whole family Of the world... I am a real human being who Feels all others' cries and their sufferings anytime... I love everyone on our globe Simply because this is my motto in our life... I feel the hungry people Who are suffering from others' cruel greed... I came into this world just to feel the other people And to love everyone on our earth... My birthday is just like any other day Simply because that's the way with me... I love to see peace, love, and joy Spreading anywhere and everywhere. ______________________________________________________________________I dedicate this poem to Raneem, to Enaam, to Judy, and to their mom._____________________________________________________________________

Friday, January 2, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: lifestyle