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Many says, I want change
Want change in my time
Want change in my life
I want a change badly


Mornings I awake in your thoughts
My first breath starts in your memories
Day goes on in your mythical presences
Lives short time with you makes me sleep

I saw one bird like me
Living on a dead tree
Waiting for long to see
Pouring shower of glee

I came across one flower
While walking in a garden
It saw me and gave a smile
I too smiled and walked

Path of my voyage
Closed in front of eyes
By waving a farewell
To all my provisions

Lovely eyes I knew
Made my beat grew
Its a feeling of new
It says “I love you”

In hours of longing
Nights passed in singing
Days went dragging
Rain kept pouring

My identity is questioned
My existence is questioned
Questioned to erase me
From this globe forever


I got lost in crowd
Lost my way to home
Where my smile smiled
My heart learned tango

This heart became slave
It sleeps in the past cave
That life had kept in grave
It made my smiles shave

When going is smooth
Any layman can sail
And can sing happily
What’s great about you?

Raise the bar, raise the bar
Said this beating hearts scar
Rise it as high as shining star
That no one had touched so far

Storm is at the bay
Light is going away
Darkness filled in way
Heart is empty to pay

We write about past and present
As well as future wishful dreams
So we can preserve moments of life
Only in truthful words to relive

Its a beautiful dream
Like a crimson sun
On a milky blue sky
Birds flying to home

It’s a rainy July night
Sky with thunder light
A hard wind on fight
All made me lose sight

Ocean is still and calm
Breeze is cool and warm
Sun is bathing in charm
I sat down gazing it long

I wonder why thunder roars
While the heavy rain pours
Is it to make me close doors
Or to show me its wild gores

Light rays kissed my darkness
It turned my blackness to white
It looked so bright to my eyes
So hand raised to block its rays


This wild thunder scream
Flowing flood of stream
And angry sun rays beam
Tells nature played has team

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Many says, I want change
Want change in my time
Want change in my life
I want a change badly
I want change, many say

They pray for a change
They wish for a change
They look for a change
But they will not change
They just wait for change

It never happens to them
It will never ever happen
By mere prayer or wish
It must start from inside
With tons of determination

Change is not so easy
It takes lots of time
So it needs determination
The will to make change
The will to see change

Then only things will change
Then only time will change
Then only life will change
So go and get change
To see the bliss of change

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Walterrean Salley 24 December 2009

Of all the things in life, there's nothing like freedom - in any situation.

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Janell Cressman 30 March 2009

an amazing poet, who sure knows how too write

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