Andi Jakobs

Rookie (October 13,1995 / North Carolina)

My Dark Valentine - Poem by Andi Jakobs

Be my dark valentine.
Never let me see the light of day again, torture me.
Break me in two and never think of me again.
Leave me to rot in the dark of your shadow
That constantly stands over me.
Murder me in your voice; never let me breathe another word.

Be my sinful valentine.
Take me and treat me like an animal,
Toss and beat me to your hearts desire.
Rape me brutally, take me into your arms
And make me believe im still alive.
Let me see the sin that glows strongly in your eyes, sin with me.
Never look back and just enjoy the moment.
Take pleasure in me, do as you want.
I wish to be used.

Be my black valentine.
Drag me down to hell where you slumber,
Let me into your midnight soul.
The wind rushes through me as we spend time in the shadows that you cast.
Never do i wish to see light again.
Kill me and make me like you, scared of the light,
Scared to believe in good. Haunt me;
Stay in my thoughts always even if they are suicidal.
I would give my life for you my valentine.
I can see the way you think.
I know how you seduce people with your eyes of emerald and heart of stone.

Be my fallen valentine.
Forever crashing down to the endless abyss that we call life.
Don’t struggle, just fall.
I would choke on my own words just to let you fall,
Just to see you crash. Never am i good enough,
I don’t want to be good enough, I want to be abused and taken.
Make this cold heart of mine feel pain, make it feel again.
Controlled by severe thoughts, dont turn me back.

Be my demonic valentine.
Molest me, rape me have fun with me.
I have nothing to feel anymore either way you choose.
The wave of shadows has crashed down on me
And caused me to drown in forgotten promises.
Poison me in the words that you speak like the viper,
Bit me and let the venom surge through my veins.

Be my broken valentine;
Break me in two
Just as your own heart was cracked straight down the center.
Stare me in the eyes and let me know you are in pieces,
Cut by the shards of ice from your frozen tears
That you have cried from others.
Forced to love in a cave,
Never to know how real love is.
Make me frozen in fear so my tears can slice my heart.
Be my dark valentine.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 25, 2010

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