**** Valentine's Day Special: Chemistry Of Love **** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

**** Valentine's Day Special: Chemistry Of Love ****

Rating: 4.9

Hey darling,
You’re the oxytocin
The love hormone
Creates bonding, trust
And attachment
I’m addicted to you
You travel through my brain
And spinal cord

Hey darling,
You’re the ventral tegmental area
Produces depomine
Induces the feelings of pleasure,
Want, craving
And motivation

Hey darling,
You’re my frontal cortex
Disrupts my judgment and planning
Blinds my smitten
Causes my serotonin to drop
I cannot control my mood,
Emotions, sleep
And appetite

Hey darling,
You activate my adrenal glands
Increase my cortisol
Release my nor epinephrine
I feel excite
My heartbeat recites

Hey darling,
You’re my testosterone
Together, we purify our chemistries
Of love
On this Valentine’s Day

~ Jon London ~ 13 February 2009

My dear brother, when the poets of the past left this world...they returned to set up home inside the soul of Sulaiman Mohd Yusof.....(Soulaiman) .....You never fail to dazzle with your genius abilities to create such heart stopping pieces.....It's an honor to have you as my brother......10+++ Best of Health & Happiness bro Jon

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Chitra - 13 February 2009

the epicneter of emotions has erupted thru this poem

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Anjali Sinha 13 February 2009

Nucleus accumbens of Ventral Tegmental Area secretes dopamine which induces thought of love and sin But when I read your poem My Broca's made me smile and grin Good write

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Sara Hammouri 22 February 2009

Amazing.. I adore it

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Souren Mondal 17 February 2016

Adore is the exact word I would like to use for this poem..

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what a beautiful gift on valetntine day..beautiful poem filled by hormones..true facts of what cause the love and what the love can cause..wonderfully penned

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Doha Ewiess 19 July 2009

it is my first time to see someone mixing love with chemistry and biology...this is really great...amazing writings

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Eyan Desir 25 February 2009

hmmm, well written but someppl might not understand your words 10 +. try my poem also (scientically I love you) this poem takes poems to a next level good writting 10/10...great creativity. I liked your poem

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Lalitha iyer 25 February 2009

Oh dear, bringing chemistry labs and reagents and all sorts of those mundanities into beautiful love.........oh god, killing with Chemistry, eh?

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Sandhya S N 24 February 2009

Ha Ha Ha, Fantastic 10++++ sandhya

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